Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Odd Thomas

I finished my...8th or 9th...can't remember and too lazy to go find the yesterday.
I said in a previous post that Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas was the first in a trilogy. I was mistaken. When I first became interested in reading these books, it was a trilogy. In the time that it has been on my list, it has become a series.

There are four books now, and as the Almighty Google has just informed me, two graphic novels.

My plan is to find the whole series, read it in the next couple of weeks and then pass them on to my Grandma for her birthday. I'm relying on the fact that Koontz is generally shelved in horror and not mystery- because she's read everything in the mystery section.

I think she'll like these though. She'll definitely be engaged immediately, which is something she needs. My grandma is kind of hard to buy books for because she has an even shorter attention span than I do. If she's not completely hooked in the first 40 pages, she'll give up. It's frustrating to a certain extent, because I could never buy her something like The Gargoyle. Ultimately, I think she'd really like it, but she would never take the time to get there.

The purpose of this blog was to review Odd Thomas, not talk about shopping for my grandma. Although, in a roundabout way, I've gotten to the review.

Odd Thomas, the story of a young man in a small world (a town called Pico Mundo) can see the dead. Not all of them, but the ones who choose to hang around, mostly because they have unfinished business, so they come to Odd and bug him until he takes care of it for them.

Because Dean Koontz primarily writes what better falls into the horror genre, this is a mystery that reads at the pace of horror. I flew through 500 pages in a matter of days, because he hooks you with a minor, but very engaging, incident at the very beginning, and then dives right into the larger plot.

Mostly, it's fluff. There are some thoughts about destiny, some twisted family values, but for the most part, it's a beach book. But it's a GOOD beach book; I enjoyed it, and am looking forward to the next one. I recommend it, because everyone needs a little fluff in their lives.

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