Sunday, March 6, 2011

T minus 26 Days Until...


Do you know where your characters are? How 'bout your plot? neither.

That's what the next 26 days are for.
I had every intention, at the end of February, to have my own NaNoWriMo for the month of March and crank out another novel because, hey, I have the time. And then that week from Hell happened, and I completely forgot.

In case you're wondering, Ben DID get the stomach bug, and I've spent the last two days making him Jello and watching movies with him. Which I'm not complaining about. I'm sorry, of course, that I got him sick, but it was nice at the same time to spend two days doing nothing with him.

Anyway, since I'm six days into my would-have-been month of noveling, I'm going to make it the month of revisions, market searching, and short pieces. Oh right, and plotting, so I can be ready April 1 to kick off Scriptfrenzy.

My goals, for every day this month, except perhaps the occasional Sunday (because time off is just as important) are to spend some time doing one or more of the following things:

-Searching for markets for my work
-Revising any of the three screenplays in their first draft stage from past Frenzies and an independent study.
-Researching for the other completed novel (and by completed, I mean a ridiculous and thoroughly unresearched 50,000 words. It won me NaNo though, and for that, I was pleased)
-Writing short pieces.
-Plotting for Scriptfrenzy '11
-Working on a novel that I've had kicking around for quite awhile.

I knooooowww...I said short projects up there ^^ But this project got back into my head the other day, and I think I can make it work. So aside from that the focus of this month is revision/research.

Hopefully I'll have progress to update you on each day.

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