Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Alchemist


I found this book entirely average. It was an interesting story, at least from the perspective of someone who really enjoyed the class on fairy tales that she took in college, but I had no mindblowing spiritual revelation. From what I've heard about the book, I thought that I was supposed to. Very similar to the Shack, although this one is less about religion and more about humanity, it's an interesting concept, and there are life lessons in it that honestly I got out of life, and I'm not sure why anyone would need Paulo Coelho to spell them out, but from the amount of time this spent on the bestseller list, I guess lots of people do. Overall, interesting, quick read, so even if you hate it, it's not that much of your life wasted.

In other news, we're going from 60 degrees and sunny today to sleet tomorrow. Would you believe that now that I actually WANT a pair of those stupid-looking rubber boots that everyone and their mother wears I can't find them anywhere?!

Yes, of course, you should believe it; that's my life.
I'll just take refuge in a coffee shop between walks. I just hope the ice stops early, because I do NOT want to ride the bike in ice.
Now: owl mitts, reading, curling up with my favorite boyfriend.

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