Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's good to have goals

Little progress was made today. Or yesterday. Although I did clean the kitchen and the bathroom yesterday, so that's something.

I did also post the first chapter of my novel on Scribophile, and had one critique that thought I "left the reader in the dark" about Madison's character, and that it was slightly dry and cliche.

Yeah, I'll give him that. Slightly dry and cliche, that is. If I knew how to make it better, I would.

However, I will not change the "in the dark" part because that's the POINT.
She doesn't share. Anything. With anybody. It's kind of a MAJOR plot point later. (Granted, this person doesn't know this. I won't hold it against him.)

Goals for tomorrow:

-Finish A Lion Among Men, and write a two part review of that and the previous book in the trilogy, Son of a Witch.
-Write a chapter
-Go to knitting group
-Possibly get a library card

And possibly sweep the rest of the apartment that I didn't clean yesterday, but it doesn't need it that badly yet, so we'll see.


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