Thursday, March 3, 2011

In like a Lion

If the actual meaning of the phrase "March comes in like a Lion" is "the beginning of March sucks" then yes, it is quite accurate.

I've given up the daily picture nonsense. I stopped posting because we had the week from hell at home, and now that things are better I just don't care to continue.

Where to start.
Last Tuesday-Wednesday: Little sister got the stomach bug that's going around.
Friday morning: Mother gets the stomach bug, passes out, hits her head, stitches, bruising, ER visit, etc.

Friday afternoon: I get the call about above morning, asking if I'll come home to help take care of dogs/wood stove/etc.
I leave in the beginning of rush hour, it takes me almost 6 hours to make a 4 hour trip. It was 60 and raining when I left here, and I was greeted at home, at 9.30 at night, with a foot of snow in the driveway in which my car proceeded to get stuck. Half in the driveway, half in the road. Thankfully a neighbor drove by and he ended up pushing my car into the driveway with his.

Saturday: spent the morning clearing the driveway of snow with a shovel. It's LOADS of fun. Ran some errands.
Saturday Afternoon/Evening: In the middle of filling the wood stove, I step on a huge nail- I end up in the ER for a tetanus booster and antibiotics. Lovely.

Sunday: Resting the foot, but it's the left one so I'm prepared to drive back to Phila Monday morning.

Sunday Night: About 11pm, I get the stomach bug. Literally spend the night on the bathroom floor. Most horrific bug I have ever had.

Wednesday: Finally made it back here, battered and tired.

About five minutes ago: Boyfriend walks through, tells me he thinks he may have picked up the bug, even though I was 36 hours clear of symptoms when I came home.



  1. nice. nice.

    That's life, for ya.

    Glad you're feeling better! Tell Ben to wrap up in his blanket and get better!

  2. Wow, it sounds like everything bad that could potentially happen did happen. I will never complain about having a shitty week again after reading this unless it is actually this bad haha