Monday, March 7, 2011

Of First Sentences and No Snow

I'm so incredibly glad to be in Phila, today.
When I talked to my mother at 9.30 this morning there was TWO FEET of snow and counting. Here? 50ish and sunny. Glorious.

Last night and today I finished going through the list of markets that I had marked as "promising" in my Writer's Digest list of the top 75 web markets.
There are a ridiculous amount of them devoted to sci-fi and fantasy. Don't people get bored with that? I do.

However, there were a few that I could submit to. Brevity, for one. Also, some flash fiction sites. I might try my hand at some flash later. Before I go crochet with some Glee-runs I think I'll critique one more piece on Scribophile, a writer's community, so that I can earn enough Karma to post my first chapter of The Smell of Rain and get some more critique for that.

I have to rework the first chapter a bit tomorrow, though. I just don't feel alert enough to do it right now, but I'm pretty sure my first line has been lurking somewhere around paragraph five. It's a much better hook than what I've currently got. Well, here, what do you think?

Never let it be said that Madison Longwell left without saying goodbye.

Want to know more?

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