Friday, March 25, 2011

Just Don't Get It Wet

Dog walking has been a great job, thus far. I got my first paycheck in months today, which was a glorious moment.
The only day that has really sucked so far was Wednesday when it rained, and was cold, and I was wet because I couldn't find those rain boots. However, I ordered a pair; they should be here Monday. Hooray.

This week I met the Maltese that I get to walk. I'm fairly certain he's a gremlin. I'm hesitant to take him out in the rain.

Seriously, this little non-dog is insane. He weighs approximately 3 ounces...I bet I could pick him up with two fingers...and he is a blindingly white (in the sun) little bundle of energy.

The first day I met him, I let him out of his crate and he was so excited that he was literally jumping two feet off the floor. No running start, just straight up, like a pogo stick.

Yesterday, when we were out, he decided that he was going to chase birds, and forgot that he was on a leash. He took off at full speed towards the robins, got to the end of the rope and LAUNCHED into the air, did a full 360 IN THE AIR and then came back down.

Thank god he had a harness, not a collar, or he would have snapped his twiggy little neck.
Can you imagine what this thing will be like if I add water??

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