Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where's mah [50 things] bukkit [list]??

As per Lizzie's instructions. 50 things I'd like to do before I die.

1. Own a house in Italy
2. See the world
3. Sell a few books
4. Open a writer's retreat in the Hartwick school (and possible branches in all the other schools that stand empty in this area)
5. Run my publishing company out of above school.
6. Take over Purple Mountain Press when Wray retires and make in an imprint.
7. Open a Montessori school in the Kellogg building.
8. Stay happy.
9. Read all the books I own
10. Read all the books on my enormous list
11. Sell a screenplay
12. Act in a movie
13. redecorate a whole house
14. Graduate with my Master's from the oldest school in the country
15. Learn to play guitar
16. Become more proficient at cello
17. Learn as many languages as I can
18. have a German Shepherd
19. rent a house on Fire Island for a summer vacation
20. Go treasure hunting
21. Go cliff jumping
22. Take fencing lessons
23. Take dance classes
24. Continue with Karate to become a black belt
25. Get published in Glimmertrain
26. get the heck out of Bing
27. Successfully grow tomatoes
28. keep blogging
29. try something sushi-wise that really grosses me out
30. Take my mom to the Oscars
31. donate to Breast Cancer research
32. go surfing
33. go hang gliding
34. take another death defying hike around St. Thomas
35. visit most, if not all, the national parks
36. road trip around the U.S
37. pet a Big Cat- no preference which kind
38. throw a kick ass Halloween party
39. come up with a new, awesome costume every year
40. win NaNo again
41. Make something publishable of a NaNo novel
42. teach a class on Emperor's New Clothes Syndrome
43. Go to the top of the Empire State Building
44. grow roses
45. have a sailboat
46. keep journals to other people
47. train a cat to use the toilet
48. open my chain of bookswap stores with Ashley
49. sell mine and Ashley's co-authored top secret project so we can be millionaires and work on what we really want to do
50. participate in a dig somewhere (Egypt would be cool, as would Mexico)

Some of these are similar....50 things is hard when you're thinking about it. If I wasn't thinking about it, I could come up with 50,000 things I want to do.


  1. http://www.citikitty.com/How-CitiKitty-Works-s/12.htm


    haha...yaaaaaaay bucket lists!