Monday, October 25, 2010

Chocolate Covered Pretzels are Heaven

It's boring at work. My sales are around $7. Laura's at about $12.
Chocolate covered pretzels are delicious. Especially when you don't have to pay for them. I believe that's called a perk.

I should continue with my homework, but my brain is a little fried after several hours of reading Spenser's The Faerie Queen, so I'm taking a break to bombard you with my rambling.

I meant to blog yesterday about Malloween (Halloween at the mall) but my head hurt, so I didn't do much of anything.

May I present, some General Guidelines for Malloween:

1. No Costume, No Candy.
If you can't put the effort in, why should you be rewarded with sugar? Halloween is not about free candy.

2. The costume contests go from newborn to 12...if you're over 12 and ESPECIALLY if you have no costume, do NOT steal candy from little kids. It's rude.

3. If you're a PARENT do not go around with your teenager and pretend to be collecting for their sister. You're an adult, stealing candy from little kids. Classy.

4. If the hours of the event are 12-3, don't come in at 10 demanding candy. Also- don't come in at 3:05 and be annoyed that I have no candy left. There were about 250 kids ahead of you.

5. If your kid doesn't win the costume contest, don't bring him crying to the judges demanding a consolation prize. Everybody loses, sometimes. All you're doing is teaching your kid to be a whiner, and nobody likes a whiner.
Nobody likes obnoxious parents either, FYI.
Everybody thinks their kid is the greatest kid ever, but odds are pretty good he's not, okay? And if you want him to win the costume contest next year, help him come up with something creative and original.

Despite my griping, and list of suggested guidelines, Malloween was pretty fun. Jamie came closest to guessing what I was when she asked if I was a peacock. I was, as you know, a Phoenix. About half the people I told that to appreciated the costume and the other half stared blankly at me. Classic mythology, with perhaps the exception of christian mythology (although that didn't come out of the classic period really, so it doesn't count anyway), is a dying genre. Along with fairy tales, which is sad.

Also, at Malloween, we saw some really fun costumes. The girl under the big plastic umbrella dressed as a jellyfish was my favorite. And she won a costume contest because it was both creative and original :) I wish I'd had my camera on hand, it was a really well done costume.

And that's Malloween. Now, back to homework.

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