Friday, October 22, 2010

Fair Weather Fans

Very briefly, because I'm tired, and I don't even like baseball.

(I'm rather pleased the Yankees are out of Series though- too many people on Facebook care, and I've had enough Yankee-whining to last a lifetime. Thought! Facebook should invent a way to hide statuses by keywords. For example: Hide all statuses that contain the words, "yankee" and "coors light")

By my mother brought up a good question that I shall repeat here, because it's not just about the World Series, but sports in general.

You follow a team, in this example. Let's use the Phillies, because they're still in the running for the Series.
You follow the Phillies, and when they're winning you say "this is great, we're awesome, we're in the series, woot."
And if they lose, you're like "they suck, they're the worst team ever, they lost, I'm done with them."

Why, are we so shallow that when someone is winning, we're a part of that, but when someone is losing, we have nothing to do with it?
We...They. Us...Them.
People are like that with people, too. Hence the term fair weather friends.



  1. Nobody wants to be a loser.

  2. True, but it's going to happen sometimes. Everybody loses at something. Why the lack of support, though? "Oh they lost" implies that "I had nothing to do with it." But "we won!" Well, if we're still talking Phillies getting into the series, I had nothing to do with that either. It's not really right how we take credit for winning, but not for losing. Either way, we weren't really involved. And somebody's got to lose, that's just how it works.