Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Remember, Remember

Memories are a funny thing.

I was looking for books in the psych section of the college library today and there were shelves and shelves devoted to books on human memory. I wish I had time to read them all. Or even a few of them. I love psych- the human mind is so fascinating.

What really brought up the subject of memory though, was the fact that I walked into my first elementary school for the first time in 13 years this morning. The reason I was there is a long story, let's just say, I was there.

And it was WEIRD.

Because I walk in, and the office is in the same place but the woman sitting behind the desk is about 30 years younger than the woman I remember sitting behind the desk. The funny thing about memory is that I can still SEE that older woman sitting there.

Just like I can see the gym where we'd play the parachute game, even though the doors are closed.

And I know the cafeteria is at the other end of the hall, and that's where the Spoonie Club met at lunch with our dressed up like people plastic utensils.

And finally, especially, the library, which is now called the "Media Center" (it always had a computer lab. It wasn't always the focus. The story corner used to be the place to be- the closer to the front of the semi-circle, the better). Mrs. Rees has been retired for at least ten years, but I could picture her perfectly sitting behind the desk, playing Cat's Cradle with me while I waited for my mom to pick me up, or recruiting me to help with Inventory because it's so much easier for a left-handed person to do.
I loved Inventory time. These are the roots of my book dorkiness.

What's immortalized in your memory?

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