Thursday, October 14, 2010

Resolution 540

I don't think I've ever kept a New Year's Resolution. I'm aware that it's not January (and I'm torn between wanting very badly for it to be January, and not wanting it, because of the million things that I have to do between now and then) but, I'm going to attempt a resolution anyway. I ran a mile today, and felt pretty good after a did it, so I'm going to try to remember that good feeling in order to inspire me to run a mile every couple of days. Or, as often as I can. I know that I won't have time every day.

Which brings me to the List of Things I Would Like to Accomplish Today.
I'm posting it here, so the three of you that read this can ask me later how many things I accomplished today, and the idea is that I will do enough to not be embarrassed when you ask.

-finish The Virgin Suicides
-come up with a topic, if not start writing the paper for White Oleander/Virgin Suicides
-Read crappy 16th century poetry for Brit Lit
-order the next two YA books from the library
-assemble Eveline's blanket
-be crafty
-go to Open House at the elm school
-find some Jung essays on archetypes/shadows and start thinking about the Holmes paper that I hope to complete half of this weekend

I think that's a good list. I have all day at work tomorrow to work on the next list.
And now, I'm off to begin.


  1. Hmmm successfully? 2. In addition, I looked for, but did not find Jung, and I only found one of the two books I was looking for.