Sunday, April 3, 2011


I so rarely feel productive these days. Perhaps because there is so much less that I HAVE to do, that I don't feel so bad if I don't get to do everything I WANT to do in a day.

Today was an exception.
I did the following things:

went grocery shopping (okay, I didn't want to do that, but it was necessary)
made some amazing blackberry muffins
wrote three pages for scriptfrenzy
finished the second book in the Odd Thomas series (review below) and started the third one

All that's left tonight is the crocheting that I have planned. I'd like to finish the pink set of mitts and headband that I'm making as an addition to my mom's now very late birthday present, because I have extra pink and I don't wear pink. After that I'd like to start the hat of the month, which will probably go up on etsy, because all I have handy to work with is yellow, and I don't wear yellow either. It will be a great stashbusting day if I can get all this accomplished.

And now, as promised, a review. And a picture of muffins (not THAT kind!)
FOREVER ODD by Dean Koontz

Like the first in the series, this one flew by, possibly because it's shorter, but most likely because Koontz writes horror, and even though this is, like the first one, less horror and more mystery it is still paced like horror. Thus, it flies.
Again, it's fluff. Pure and simple fluff, which also allows you to breeze through it, because the only really developed character is Odd. There is no need to analyze; it is only there to entertain.
However, (now that I've said that I'm going to go and contradict myself) I'm starting to notice the slight religious undertones of Odd's "I see dead people" life. Odd is a Catholic, though not necessarily a practicing one, but he certainly believes in Hell and Heaven. This was something that I didn't pay much attention to in the first book, but in this one, Odd talks more to the dead, and convinces them to move on to that other place, whether it is Heaven (something he never labels it) or another life (something else he never directly says). It very subtly pushes you in the direction that there is something greater than this life in store for us, but, thankfully, doesn't force it on you.
I wouldn't be nearly as entertained by these books if it was, but because there is no forcing of faith on the reader, I am very much entertained by these books. The plot is engaging, suspenseful and easy to read. Odd is a likeable and reliable narrator; you care about what happens to him.

Overall- 3 stars. They're perfectly average, fun, fluffy beach books. I recommend them, as we approach (we hope) warm weather and lazy afternoons.


  1. mhmm, blueberry muffins, they look yummy. XD

  2. haha blackberry, actually. But yes, they were yummy!