Monday, April 11, 2011

The Odd Review

I believe I promised you a review of the last two books in the Odd Thomas series.

I'm lumping them together, because as series generally go, they get worse as they progress. Not going to lie to you, I skimmed the last half of the fourth one.

Brother Odd, the third one, takes place in a monastery where something evil and bony is plotting to kill the orphaned and disabled children that live there. Obviously, Odd, and the mysterious Russian who is too stereotypically threatening to actually be a threat, have to do something about it. Like the first two, it is a very quick and easy read, engaging, but not really meaningful.

The only thing that stands out for me as something that I really liked was the description of the evil bony creature. There isn't a good one. At first, it annoyed me a bit, and then I realized that what he was doing was in fact quite clever. Whatever you imagine it to be based on his very vague descriptions is going to be far scarier for you than any detailed description he could give.
That was well done.

The fourth book, Odd Hours, I never really got into. Koontz's writing style is never fabulously prize worthy, but this one seemed much worse to me than the previous three. Perhaps it's because I read them all so fast, powering through them so I could wrap them up and give them away as I intended to do all along, but I just didn't care about Odd or his misadventures in this one. So I skimmed the last half and read the last few chapters.

It turned out the way I thought it would.

If you don't get around to the last one, I don't think your life will suffer at all because of it. The first three are decent. If you're looking for a fluffy beach read, give them a try.

In other news, I'm going to start Water for Elephants tonight, because it's our book club book this month, and then later I'm going to start a pair of baby socks (not for me).

Tomorrow: dog walking, scriptfrenzying (I'm at 40 pages as of right now) reading, crocheting.
You know, the usual.


  1. Water for Elephants is on my wishlist. I'll be interested in your review!

  2. This book seems really amazing. To answer your question. I think that it is technically both knit and crochet. But I only knit so that is what my homework will be. You should check out the group on ravelry.

  3. Oh, cool! I'll do that...I can think of some people who would like Harry Potter presents :)