Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Arrrrrrrrgh, Grad School.

Welcome Back!
To another episode of: "Grad School Agony."

It's the companion show to "What Should I Do With My Life?"

I'm just going to lay out my thought process, and pretend that you care.
While I was doing dishes, I was thinking that I should go a different route than English, such as Comp Lit. If I could Master in Comp Lit while I was down here in Phila, then if I chose to pursue the PhD at some point in the future, like when we return to New York, then I could go back to Bing and do it with my favorite Little Russian Lady, because Comp Lit is technically her field.

However, no one in the area OFFERS just the master's, and I don't want to PhD right now.

I've been vaguely interested in Classics for awhile now, and I'm wondering if I should try for that.

Also- wondering if I should go back and get a couple more Bachelor's, specifically in psychology, or advertising, but likely if I do that it will be both. Do it right, not do the undergrad thing ever again.

Because once was enough, but not enough to get a decent job, apparently.

F- you, economy, f- you.


  1. It's not the economy's fault. The world has NEVER had a place for English majors.

    And for some reason people assume that if you want to go further than a bachelor's, you want a PhD and a Master's is just a baby step to one.

    I find that odd.

    Let me know if, in your research, you find any great schools for getting a PhD in YAL. THAT is a degree I can get behind.

    And on a note actually related to your blog post: sorry, darling. :(

  2. Yeahhh...fair point. I'm still going to BLAME the economy though, rather than my poor choice in degree. Also, because I can't even get a job that I am super over qualified for. Except dogwalking. Which is fun, but not a career.

  3. I've heard of people making $100,000/year dog walking...you could MAKE it a career. Plus, think of all the material for your writing. And the inspiration you'll get from nature!