Monday, August 29, 2011


Before the lists, a review:

The Girl Who Played With Fire.

I loved it. I need the next one. NEED, I tell you.

This one picks up about a year after the last one left off, Millennium magazine is back on top after the expose and subsequent downfall of corporate giant schmuck Wennerstrom. They're taking on another hot topic: human trafficking.

Lisbeth Salander, "the woman who hates men who hate women" of course gets involved. 700 pages and several major plot twists later, it leaves you with an evil cliffhanger.

I repeat: I NEED the third book.

YOU, if you haven't read them, NEED the first book.

And scene.
On to lists.

Writing Things to Accomplish Before November:

1- Finish Halley's Comet
2- Finish/make substantial progress on He and She
3- Preliminary edit Letters to Myself
4- Polish and send queries for The Smell of Rain
5- Don't forget to have at least a vague idea of plot or characters for NaNoProper.

Fiber Things To Do Before Rhinebeck:

1- Finish Rosa's blanket
2- Finish the Evening Mist shawl
3- Finish the brookstick lace tank
4- Use the yarn that I bought last year at Rhinebeck. (which will be two as yet unstarted projects)
5- Start my first pair of socks.
6- Make an effort to incorporate as many scraps as possible into the ugly afghan, to free up space in the yarn basket.
7- Start planning Christmas projects

See those lists? I'll be (hopefully) blogging regularly about things as I complete them.
But now, I have to go work on them so...I'm out.

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