Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One Thing Done

I've accomplished one small thing on my list. The smallest, actually.
A decorative, rather than warm, scarf from a pattern called Hundred Yard Dash. I bought the yarn at Rhinebeck last year, when I was extra poor, so I could only afford the one, 112 yard skein, but the colors were so lovely that I just had to have it. It took me forever to find a pattern that was perfect for such a small amount of yarn and would still make something useful that I could wear. I certainly wasn't going to waste my pretty yarn on amigurumi. (Not that amigurumi is a waste, it's super cute, just not the right project for my merino in gorgeous colors).

I also made substantial progress on the shawl that I'm working on, but it is no where near done. And it seems like for everything I can cross off the list, something else pops up. Granted, I can only cross this scarf off the list, but I found out last night that the friend whose daughter I'm making the crayon blanket for is pregnant again, so another baby blanket needs to be made. Both baby blankets can wait until after Rhinebeck though, because they're not due until January at the earliest.

Weird noises outside. Sounds like someone just put a ladder against the house. Off to investigate.


I have no idea what the noises were.

In other news, it's time to look at grad schools again. I'm making slow progress through that list. It makes my head hurt. Speaking of headaches, I need to go make some tea and have my daily intake of caffeine so I can function.

Back to working on lists.


  1. It's beautiful! :) I wore my earrings last week and got quite a few compliments. I told people about your etsy store so hopefully you get some bites. :)

    You are going to get through this! It'll pass. :) I'm excited for all the newness and change going on around you!

  2. Thanks! That reminds me, I have to put some stuff back up on Etsy. I'm pretty sure everything that was there expired.