Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Everything's Coming Up...


All right, I know that's not how the lyric goes.

But today I tried to design my own pattern for the first time. And I actually met with success. I can't tell you much about what it will ultimately be, on the off chance that my mom reads this blog (it's for her birthday) but I can tell you that it involves tulips. Like the ones pictured here- although these were a test run and they will be made for the real thing in a much nicer yarn. One that doesn't chafe my fingers.

I have finished the pattern test for the panels that I'm going to use to make this mystery project, and it just needs a few little tweaks. Otherwise, I am quite satisfied, and very excited that I was able to more or less create the look that I imagined.

Go me!
Look for the finished product in a month or so...Oh, just realized my mom's birthday is a month exactly from today.
I better get working :)

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