Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 11: A Picture of Something You Hate

Normally, I don't hate Republicans or Conservatives. I don't agree with them on social issues. However, due to the recent "war on women" that the GOP has embarked on (and while that may sound like a melodramatic media label, it's pretty damn accurate) I'm pretty sure I hate every Republican in office right now.

I'm not a fan of elected officials, anyway, regardless of party. They're all slimy. BUT democrats in general aren't jumping on the "let's set the women's rights movement back 50 years" bandwagon, so my hatred is directed toward the elephants.

I mean, really?
Cutting head start funding in Maryland because women should be married and at home with the kids? Fuck you, privileged white men who can afford to have a cookie cutter lifestyle.

And in South Dakota, adding the killing of doctors who provide abortions to the list of justifiable homicides?
It's insanity.
And it makes me sick.

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