Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 4

A picture of your night.

We're going to see this tonight, and I'm soooo excited, because a) Phila is FULL of great theater. Granted, I haven't seen anything at this theater yet, but when we went last week to try to do the student rush they were sold out, and they had a wall full of Barrymore Award nominations. And one win.

The B) reason that I'm so excited is because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Martin McDonagh. One of my all-time favorite screen and stage writers. He's the king of black comedy...SO dark, SO gruesome, and SO fucking hilarious. Here's the description off the Lantern Theater website, just for a taste.

Leenane is a small Irish town with a small Catholic cemetery – too small. Widower Mick Dowd is hired each fall to disinter old bones to make room for the freshly departed, and this year's crop threatens to bring to the surface the long hidden secrets of the living. Irish writer Martin McDonagh, beloved for the gleeful madness of the 2007 Lantern hit The Lonesome West and the Oscar-nominated film In Bruges, is the mind behind this raucous, wonderfully unsettling comedy about death and dirt.

It's apparently Martin McDonagh month here, at least, that's what I'm calling it. I made Ben watch Six Shooter, because it's the best short film ever, we're going to see this tonight, and I stopped dead in the middle of the sidewalk yesterday in front of a poster for another theater that is doing The Lieutenant of Inishmore later this month.

Soooo excited! That's one of my favorite plays and I would KILL (haha) to play Mairead. Really. Dream role.

"And don't be countermanding me orders, cause it's a fecking lieutenant you're talking to now!"

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