Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vote, Vote!

I know everyone's been overwhelmed with the "get out and vote" messages. But really, you should. Exercise your rights before you lose them.

I just encountered someone, who is a middle aged man, who has NEVER voted. For anything. In his LIFE. Why? Because "he never really thought about it."

WHO doesn't think about the people that govern their lives?

So my message today is simple, and three part-ed.

1. Go Vote
2. If you didn't vote, shut your mouth.
3. If you did vote, you have every right to complain. There is a complete lack of good candidates this election.

Next time, let's all write in Mickey Mouse okay? Disneyworld doesn't have a multi-billion dollar deficit last time I checked. Way to go, Walt!


  1. The actual disney theme parks don't make as much money as people think, really.

    ...They may actually lose some money some years...
    At least last time I heard.

    but I guess you can do that when you have a multi billion dollar movie/music/merchandise/etc. industry..

  2. oh, and, I voted. It was awesome.

  3. But the Disney corporation probably has more money than New York State. Actually, I know they do, because they DON'T have a 9 billion dollar deficit. We should elect Mickey to be comptroller...unless he counts on his fingers, cause that could be an issue...