Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday or Bust!

Our store went the "bust" route today, although honestly I can't really even tell you what that means. No astronomical sales figures, though. There were so few shoppers that I can't even give you an amusing "Don't do this to your friendly neighborhood retail worker" list.

Here's a general "don't do" item:

When it's ten to nine, and I've just finished mopping the floor and am getting ready to shut the gate DO NOT come in, wander through my clean floor and wander out without buying anything. It happens, without fail. People are rude.

I can give you a short list of things to not do on Black Friday, in a small locally owned business however.

1) Ask for deals that are not there.

When there are signs clearly marking the items that are on sale, don't pick up something completely different, and clearly NOT on sale and ask "What kind of deal can you give me on this?"

That price tag? That's the deal.
We are not Wal Mart. Not EVERYTHING is on sale, mmkay?

2) Ask questions that can be answered by opening your eyes.

Lisa reported this exchange that happened between her a woman this morning.

Woman: Do you have those puzzles that make noise?
Lisa: Yes, we do.
Woman: Well, where are they?
Lisa: Right there. [literally. the rack RIGHT in front of this woman]
Woman: Are they on sale?
Lisa: No, just the chunky puzzles are.
Woman: Where are they?
Lisa: Right there. They say chunky puzzle.
Woman: Do they make noise?
Lisa: No, just the sound puzzles make noise.
Woman: But are they on sale?
Lisa: The chunky puzzles are on sale.
Woman: Well, what's the difference?
Lisa: The chunky puzzles are...chunky. The sound puzzles make noise.

I can't remember, because I was laughing too much, but I'm pretty sure the woman didn't buy anything, because the noise making puzzles still weren't on sale.

And there you have it. Happy Shopping.

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