Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sacre Bleu! Invaders!

Or not. But it's always fun to work in a Jerry Orbach/Beauty and the Beast Quote.

Today's topic, isn't really a topic, more like sharing and gushing.

This article is about Toni Morrison being presented the French Legion of Honor. Because she's awesome.

I can't think of another contemporary female writer that even compares. Actually, I can't think of another female writer period who compares. She's just the best.
I know that some people take issue with her because she knows that she's the best, and she's not afraid to tell you that, but I think there are far more positive aspects of this than negative.
She IS the best, so why try to hide it?
Also, every little girl needs a strong female role model, and she's a fantastic one. Little girls need to know that they CAN be strong, independent, confident in their own abilities, and they can rise about their working class background to win every literary award known to man and teach at Princeton.

I have not yet read all of her books (I'm working on it) but of those I've read...well, I've loved them all, that's why I've just spent a blog post gushing about how wonderful she is...but I think Song of Solomon and A Mercy are my favorites.
But go forth, and read as much of her as you can.


  1. I'm not a Toni Morrison fan. But I recently got a hardcover copy of A Mercy for 50 cents...sooo...I'm going to slog through that, soonish.

    I much prefer Virginia Woolf, though. I find Mrs. Dalloway so haunting and beautiful. Crazy, but are some of Toni Morrison's characters (Eh-HEM....everyone in "Beloved"...).

  2. Is that the only one you've read? People generally find Beloved too confusing...that's one that I haven't gotten to, yet. A Mercy is lovely. And there are some gorgeous lines in Mrs. Dalloway.