Thursday, May 2, 2013

Moses Supposes His Toeses... Are Almost Finished.

I missed a post last week because something terribly exciting (and relieving) happened.

I got a job.

I get to bartend at a new steakhouse in town. It's been fun, so far, if by fun you know I mean 'shit show.'

No, really, it's been both. We were most definitely not prepared for the number of people that showed up Friday night for the first night open, and it was good, overall. I mean, it was crazy, and people waited for hours (literally, an hour + sometimes) for their food, but it was good that we now know what needs to improve.

Everything. Except the bar service, obviously, because I'm fabulous.

We could use some Bud products and simple syrup and grenadine, but I'm doing pretty well so far.

Today's goal is finish this sock (not the pair, since this is just the first sock, but it's almost there.)
 Also, I need to write a new pitch for Letters to Myself.

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