Friday, March 22, 2013

Lions All Around

I am again losing to the Color Affection pattern. It's absolutely addictive. I have a ton of yarn that I need to use up, and I have no job, but what did I do? Bought the yarn for a Color Affliction.

Screw you, addictive pattern.

And yet, I love you. And I can't wait for this one to be done, so that I can wear it.

I'm 3 rounds away from being able to add the final color, and that means that it's very hard for me to sit here and write this blog post, and look for jobs like I'm supposed to be doing, because I'd much rather finish this section while catching up on The Following.

SPOILER ALERT! The third color is blue.

I can't really spoil The Following for you, because I'm still three or four episodes behind. They've just arrived at Joe's weird compound full of followers.

I'd just like to say that I totally called the local cop being a part of the plan and shooting Jinxy (because Shawn Ashmore will forever be Steve Jinks from Warehouse 13 to me). But I'm glad he was okay. Because I like Jinxy.

In other, totally unrelated news, it's still snowing. I thought March was supposed to go out like a lamb? Not so much. Lions all around, here. It's ridiculous, and I've had enough.

Since there isn't much else exciting in my life, I'm off to search for more jobs. Hopefully then I'll have more interesting stories to relate.

That or I'll keep watching television...

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  1. I'm with you on all topics here. Crocheting outweighs work everyday and "The Following" totally hooked, wait until you catch up...OMG!