Sunday, March 17, 2013

Because I'm Irish, Damn It.

I've been doing so well with posting every week on Thursday or Friday. This week was just a little bit (or a lot) crazy, and I never quite got around to it.

My mom had a surgery last Friday (she's fine) but I've spent the week getting up at the ass crack of dawn- that metaphor specifically to convey to you how unpleasant it is to get up at 6am- to drop Ben off at school and then spend the day taking care of the dogs and wood stove for my mom.

Also, Daylight Savings Time happened, so it was even more dark, cold and horrible than it was the week before at 6am. Oh humans, and your totally made up construct of time, you're so silly.

However, hanging with my mom a) is always fun and b) gave me lots of time to crochet while we chilled on the couch watching Psych. When the hospital gives you narcotics (her, not me) that's about all you're able to do.

Project 4 of 13 in 2013: Cirrus

wool/silk/viscose blend, and I am totally in love with it. I wore it yesterday, even though it was way too cold and I really should have been wearing an all wool scarf.

Now, I'm going to spend the rest of my St. Patrick's Day knitting my new Color Affection, and drinking. (I started early today, with Bailey's-laced coffee. And I'm going to keep going. Because I'm Irish, dammit, and I can.)

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