Monday, May 2, 2011

Look, I'm doing it!

I unknowingly started my first entrelac pattern this week. That is, I didn't realize that this scarf pattern was entrelac (or interweave, is what it's called in crochet, but that's just a translation of entrelac, and I hang with knitters, so there you go).

Anywho. (Still working on my daily caffeine intake, sorry). I've thus far avoided entrelac because I was a little daunted by it. I mean, following a pattern to make a shape is one thing, but making shapes WITHIN a pattern to create a more elaborate pattern seemed scary. It sounded suspiciously like geometry, and we all know that I have an English degree for a reason.

But I started this pattern, and it seemed a little weird and crooked to begin with, but I kept at it for a few rows and then I realized...entrelac! After that it was easy.

Look, I'm doing it!

In other news, I gave in a got a twitter. I was reading the latest issue of Poets and Writers and apparently lots of publishing industry discussion happens on twitter, so...I caved. Plug: follow me! @completewtypos

And's MAY. Like, whoa. Where did the time go? My birthday is a week from tomorrow. Crazy.

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