Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hot Cocoa, You Tube and Ravelry

And now, for another episode of...

Things I Should Be Doing (But I'm Not)

So I should really be organizing my CDs for the trip back tomorrow.
The laundry is in the process of doing itself. I love how that works. Stick it in, do something else for half an hour, come back and it's done! Magical.

Finally, I should be working on my pitch for my novel because the Amazon Breakthrough Award submission time is fast approaching. I need to edit and write a pitch that is better than at least 4,000 other pitches in order to get into the next round.
You know something? It's MAD hard.
As is editing your own work.
Thus, I am not doing it. Do we see how this cycle works?

And now that I have blogged and crossed another thing off of my things I can do instead of what I need to list...I'm going to go make a cd or something.

This episode of Things I Should Be Doing (But I'm Not) brought to you by:
Hot cocoa, you tube and ravelry.

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