Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Curtain up!

Today was supposed to be the beginning of my Phila in Photos segment of the blog, wherein I wander aimlessly around the city taking pictures. Okay, not aimlessly. I wander in search of a job while carrying a camera would be more accurate. I'm hoping that the weather will be cooperative tomorrow, because I'd like to hike up to Loop and beg, I mean inquire, about a job.

So while today's picture isn't really the city of Philadelphia, it is our bathroom, which is located in Philadelphia.

The bathroom came with mini-blinds, which had to come down when we put up plastic in the windows for the winter. Neither of us was sorry to see them go. So I tried the crochet curtain thing, and I hated them.

The sewing machine and I have a long-standing armed truce. Either of us could blow up at the other at any moment. Thankfully, that didn't really happen. There was some swearing, but there was no throwing things, so I'd call that success.

And now we have actual curtains, instead of a sheet.

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