Monday, February 13, 2012


These pieces are now a sweater. It's an unblocked sweater with no buttons, but it's still a sweater. And cute, I might add.

I'm still pretty in love with this pattern.

It's so quick and easy and cute. I think it will have staying power.
Speaking of staying power... check out this flawless segue...

Artemis Fowl.

I started reading this children's series years ago- after I was already out of the target age range, but when I was considerably younger than I am now.

I'd read the first four, and then, when I went to the library in search of Melville (which they didn't have. Seriously, a library that didn't have Melville) I found the last three in the series.

Seven books, you say. Sounds a bit like Harry Potter. Yeah, but Artemis is cooler. And I'm pretty sure Eoin Colfer didn't plan to have seven books like HP, it just happened.

Artemis Fowl is for slightly younger audiences- this library had it shelved under "teen series" but we've already established the merits of this library. I disagree with the "teen" label. Young teen, PRE-teen, really.

Artemis is a boy genius (I believe he is ten in the first book, which is also a reason I disagree with the teen series label) and a criminal mastermind. He has discovered the existence of fairies and sets about trying to capture them with his superior intellect and never-ending fortune.

Of course, it's a lot more complicated than that. And I just read the fifth book, which involves demons. I can't give you the whole back story, that would take too long. About as long as it would take you to just read the first four books for yourself, because they're really quick, fun, and easy reads. So just do that.

Go read Artemis Fowl. Then come back and we'll talk about the demons.

While I wait, I'll work on turning this into a sweater vest. (A cool one, not the kind of sweater vest you're thinking of.)

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