Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Saga of the Beret

I made this beret for Ashley, in gray. Maybe you remember it.

When I made it for her, I had to go back and rip the slip stitch row at the end, because it made it too tight. I could get it over my ears, but it was just a little too tight to be comfortable.

So I ripped it.

Last week I made the same beret for myself. I was hoping that my gauge was the same, because for this hat, I wanted it snug on my ears to keep out the city wind.

My gauge was not the same. It was much too loose, pre-slip stitch row. After, I couldn't get the thing on my head.

What the hell?

So Ben said, "what if you put the slip stitch row farther up the band, where there are more stitches?

When I finally got around to ripping the slip stitch row, which I did not do right then because I was cranky, I screwed it all up and cut the wrong ends, and ended up ripping back three rows to find a place where I could start again.

So instead of moving the slip stitch row up, I just decreased the single crochets on the last round. It's a little loose. I might try to add one more round and decrease some more.

I might just leave it alone and find a different pattern altogether for the other ball of purple that I bought to match my coat.

But, ultimately, I did end up with a hat.

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