Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yarrrrrrn, ho!

Rhinebeck was almost a complete success this year. It was a fabulous day, and I got nearly everything on my list.

I did not get to go to the Yarn Harlot's book signing because we got to the Rhinecliff Bridge (literally four miles from the Duchess County Fairgrounds, where the event is held) and it was bumper to bumper to bumper the rest of the way. It took us an hour and a half to go FOUR MILES.

Rhinebeck is not equipped for the sudden arrival of ten thousand knitters.

I did see the Yarn Harlot though. It was one of those walking by "Ohmigod that's HER!" moments. To which my mother replied, "Which one? I'll go tackle her for you."

I discouraged this.
It would have been a wasted tackle as I had no book for her to sign.
...Aaand, I might have been banned from Rhinebeck next year and that would be tragic indeed.

I did not get to take a nip with Steven, about which I was disappointed, nor show him the vest that he motivated me to finish.

And I did not bring home a broom as I swore to the boy that I would. This is because the people who were there making Shaker brooms last year were not there this year. Also a slight disappointment as the head of our shitty plastic broom falls off every time I sweep.


I got to show off my Rhinebeck ensemble:
I got an abundance of glorious yarn to keep me occupied (and sane) this winter. Here's a small sample:

I got to watch Border Collies playing frisbee.

And I got to pet a PUPPY!

Oh. And I came home with a big bag each of Kettle Corn and Maple Cotton Candy.

Epic. Win.

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