Friday, October 14, 2011

Tomorrow, Tomorrow!

Well, this is it. Rhinebeck is tomorrow, and I'm so excited! It's like Christmas, except better, because the things I'm going buy will hopefully last me all winter, so it won't seem as fleeting as Christmas.

Time to examine the list of things that I've done this week. It's small.

Frog bib for Gabriella? Check.

Frog hat for Gabriella? (Her mom really loves frogs.) Check.

Pattern/shopping list for Rhinebeck? Done.
I won't show you a picture of that- I'll show you finished objects eventually.

Hat of the month? Not quite. Working on it now, and it's possible that I could finish it before I leave today. We'll see. I have hope. So I'm going to end this now and get back to work on that. Socks and yellow crayon didn't happen. Oh, well. I knew it was an ambitious list.

PS- I did finish the book club book. Short review next week sometime.
See you all after the Festival!

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