Friday, April 12, 2013

Sunshine Around the Corner

I just came from the Harlot's blog, and it seems that we're all feeling the weather today. It's gray and gloomy and pouring rain here.

And I am this close to being done with this Color Affection.

That's right. Just the bottom couple inches of blue and then I cast off this beast.

It makes me not want to work on writing one novel and editing another, which is exactly what I should be doing.

It makes me want to curl up with a cup of tea (or maybe some wine) and something to watch on Netflix, and knit until this thing is done.

I DID clean the house today, so I can't call the day a complete waste, even if I spend the rest of it knitting.

I think I might indulge.

I'll catch up on the writing eventually, right?

For now, I'm going to find something to watch while I knit, and think about how beautiful it was last weekend. I hope more days like this are just around the corner.

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