Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Misshapen Washcloth

I learned to knit!

I'm terrible at it.

And I still like crochet better.

But. I am on a quest to make Ben some socks. So here's my first misshapen washcloth, done entirely in knit stitch.

(I started practicing purling last night, and it's a bitch. I don't think it would have been any harder if I had hooves. Opposable thumb FAIL.)

Ta da! Hopefully I'll be back more regularly. I had some health issues, but 8 days of high test antibiotics seems to have taken care of things. Fingers crossed!


  1. Feel Better, and your washcloth looks good to me. I hating learning to purl but I figured it out any way.. Don't worry that Ah Ha moment will come to you.

  2. Hey I like it! When I figured out how to purl, I actually liked it better than knitting, but I still have trouble keeping the tension even between the two. You'll get there!

    I hope you feel better!