Thursday, June 30, 2011

DUDE. Wait...what? Shit, really!?

Such was my thought process when I received the email from one of the Phila Scriptfrenzy MLs that Camp NaNoWriMo, an extension of regular NaNoWriMo, begins tomorrow.


CampNaNo, as I've just found out (because the last I heard of it the website hadn't even launched yet. Thanks for the heads up, OLL) is regular NaNo: 30 days (or... well, 31 since July and August have 31) and 50,000 words except the website is in its test run and it is for the month of July.

And then again in August.

with supposedly a new and improved website, which probably means we can all look forward to an epic collapse similar to the one that kicks off NaNo every. single. year.

Really guys, don't you PLAN ALL YEAR for this?! I guess it must be harder than it looks. You're doing a fabulous job, we still love you, don't worry.

So anyway.... since I've jumped into NaNo with less time and planning before (yes it is, in fact, possible) I will be starting the first of three, THREE!, epic novel writing months this year.

I'm so fucking excited!
This is just what I need to break the writer's block I've been having since...oh, scriptfrenzy? Maybe even before.

And I do actually have an idea what I'm going to write, since I failed miserably at last year's NaNo because I was drowning in a sea of crocheted tablecloth. I got about a thousand words, so I'm going to edit them and keep going tomorrow.

Also!! My dearest writer friend Ashley is leaving me for Budapest in the fall, where she will be getting her master's at Central European University (don't even ASK how jealous I am, I will not be held responsible for what happens to you) and we're going to start a blog in the style of Nimble Fingers and Steady Eyebrows. It was supposed to launch tomorrow. Hopefully it still will. Stay tuned.

I am off to shower and clean the apartment because that will not be happening again until september 1.

Did I mention I also want to submit 3 short stories (as yet unfinished) to Glimmertrain for the July open submission?

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